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Short product description

Nowadays a company success means, aside from its quality products, having constantly available information about customers, prices, commissions' and storage state etc. A key to success is also a quality customer care. Have the necessary information in the right moment. Provide your customers with possibilities to monitor commission's state, to check up to date prices, to order products, to monitor account state etc. Use Mobile Portal to communicate with your company database using most of the communication means and give your customers an opportunity to pick one that suits them the most.

Product characteristics

  • Data access to most of the infomation and database systems
  • Simple access to important information by employees or customers
  • Automatic processing of received SMS and emails
  • Sending SMS or email messages with instructions for employees or important information for customers (a commission is ready etc.)

Product advantages

  • Modularity - it is possible to choose one's own configuration
  • Instant and nonstop access to up to date information
  • Improvement of customer care
  • Work efficiency and speed increase
  • No hardware investments necessary - a common mobile phone can be used for communication
  • The application serves as an extension of the current company information or database system - no new databases need to be implemented
  • Thanks to system complexity your customers may access information using means of their preference
  • Security
  • Application rental possibilities
  • Creation of Web and WAP pages and SMS or email analysis in just one step
  • Variety of possible use
  • Menu structure can be customized according to company needs

Selected product references

  • Hügli Food s.r.o.
  • SKČR
  • Toner Discount


Main partners

  • T-Mobile Czech Republic

Product Tags: sms survey, construction surveys, SMS voting, mobile access to data, structured sms

Product functions

  • Information or database systems data access
  • SMS and email sending
  • Employees may access important information
  • Analysis of received SMS or email messages
  • Information publishing from company IS or database system in the Web or WAP environment for employees or customers

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